…Accept/Reject Your Mom’s Friend Request on Facebook!

Ohhh… momma dear wouldn’t like to be rejected, especially when she’s planning on expanding her social networks in order to get more girls’ night out and when she’s getting the hang of being your ‘hip’ mother. As her kid, you are supposed to be supportive of her joining the famous social networking site by welcoming her with an ‘accept’ response to her friend request. You are supposed to be her first friend on Facebook no matter how weird that sounds.

So, rejecting her friend request? Doesn’t sound like such a good idea as she might be brokenhearted that her own son/daughter won’t even be her friend. She might even go around and tell her friends and your relatives on how you hurt her on Facebook and how you were ashamed of her. Looks like you’re not gonna be getting good impressions from your own family for a while now. Talk about family grudge and a shameful face to show in the next family reunion.

Whoops! Looks like you shouldn’t have rejected her friend request in the first place.

Although, yes, it should be awkward for you (and your mom) to be seeing each other’s statuses every now and then when you add her as your ‘friend’. Even more so if she leaves a comment on your post or actually ‘like’ it. Good thing there’s no ‘unlike’ button (aside from unliking the ‘like’) around yet. And you know what else is awkward? When your mom and your friends comment on one another’s photos and statuses. Next thing you know, your mom’s invited to your best friend’s party, and she’s dancing next to you and she tells you, “Hey, I like your friends! They’re really cool! Maybe I should hang out with them more!”. Alright, what the hell is going on? What is going on is that your mom is now part of your social circle because of Facebook. You guys now have 300 mutual friends. Looks like your childhood tantrum stories and embarrassing moments are about to make the headlines. Talk about shame!

“Oh mother! You shouldn’t have told that story; that was supposed to be a family secret!”

Whoops! Looks like you shouldn’t have added her in the first place, huh?

Not that you can remove her as a friend now or write a status that says ‘I wish I didn’t add my mom on Facebook’ because that’s just gonna break her heart. You wouldn’t want that to happen either, would you?

Accept or reject her friend request – either way, you’re gonna get your piece of shame. Good thing my mom’s not on Facebook or anywhere near any social networking site, so I don’t have to deal with such a hard decision whether to add her or not. As for those who have mommy friend requests, looks like all I’ve got to say is whatever you decide, good luck and oops, you did not just accept or reject your mom’s friend request on Facebook! Some shameful stories are on the way, so brace yourself!

But that’s life: we learn from shame. (Lesson: make yourself unsearchable once you know your mom’s (or dad) planning to join Facebook.)

What if your mom is on Facebook – will you accept or reject her friend request? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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4 thoughts on “…Accept/Reject Your Mom’s Friend Request on Facebook!

  1. Bianca says:

    Haha..Good post.
    Love your blog. Funny stuff.
    Am gonna come back.
    And yea, I’d put privacy crap to hide stuff only from her. 😉

    See my world too!! ^^

    • Cherszy says:

      Thank you Bianca! 🙂 You’ve got a great blog yourself. Hope you find the most beautiful things out there as you go along in your search of yourself.

      Live and learn. Dream and believe. 🙂

  2. Buzzz says:

    Yeah same here, i cant post anything public anymore, she is even spamming my friends walls only because she seen them once or twice. It is rediciloes she cant figure it out herself that in this way i will commit social suicide :p

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