…Give Your Special Someone a Gift She is Allergic To!

Well, so much for your perfect Valentine’s Day plan this year! Looks like someone missed out on the ‘pay special attention to what your special someone hates and is allergic to’ class. Guess what? You’re totally paying for that absence by ruining the date you had perfectly planned out in your head.

You almost got the day right, really. You almost nailed V-day, except for that tiny detail you forgot. Funny how a small thing like that could ruin everything else.

I mean, her favorite flowers? Check. A box of her favorite brand of chocolates? Check. A reservation in a fancy restaurant of her favorite cuisine or just a home-cooked meal you prepared for her? Check. Her beautifully wrapped Valentine’s Day gift? Check. But, when she opens it, her face spells ‘horror’.

“Uh, dear, a stuffed toy? I’m allergic to stuffed animals. I’m asthmatic, remember?”


Whoops! That was not part of the plan. What should I do now?! Oh noes!

Bingo! You just got her to do that really cute sneeze, except this time, she figured out you didn’t notice what she was allergic to all this time. That doesn’t sound too Valentine’s-y or sweet. Think quick! What’s your plan B? How are you gonna make up for that screw up? Hug her? Cook more food? Sing her a romantic song? You better get it right this time! No one wants to screw up a second time. Remember, relationship’s on the line. Good luck!

Alright guys, Lady Gaga got herself an egg for the Grammy’s, and you better get your special someones the right gift. Happy heart’s day everyone! Don’t forget to share the love and get a gift which she is not allergic to (or she does not hate). Else, it’ll be so embarrassing you wouldn’t want to show your face after she sneezes on your face.

But, that’s life: we learn from shame.

Ever received a Valentine’s gift you totally hated? Any memorable Valentine’s date? Share your stories in the comments section.

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