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…Tap the Wrong Person on the Shoulder!

Too excited to greet your friend? Can’t wait to say hi? Well, better hold your horses, amigo (at least until he/she turns around and calls your name), because getting too excited is not always that rewarding.

Just because they sport the same hairstyle, have the same height, and dress (almost) the same way doesn’t mean the person you see is your friend because trust me, your friend can look like a lot of people, especially from the back (even from the front too – think Lucy Hale and Selena Gomez). I’ve been there, mistaking some random gal for my girl pal, and that encounter was nowhere near exciting. In fact, it was kinda embarrassing.

Okay, it was really, really embarrassing.

Imagine you getting all jittery with a wide grin on your face because you saw your “friend” across the hall, then you run over and give him/her a tap on the shoulder with an expected response of “hi!”. He/she turns around, and you find yourself staring at the strange face in front of you while at the back of your mind, you’re saying, “Okay… I have never seen this person before… oh crap! Who is this person?”

Whoops! Wrong guy/gal!

One, two, three seconds of awkward silence, and then you just utter a soft “sorry, I thought you were (insert friend’s name here)” before walking away as fast as you can, wishing you would never get to meet that person again because that’ll be just plain embarrassing. Imagine meeting that person again in some random party, and he/she tells you, “Hey, weren’t you the one who tapped me on the shoulder one time ‘coz you thought I was your friend? That was you, wasn’t it?” Just imagine the shame!

Well, that’s life: we learn from shame. :>

Have you ever mistaken someone for someone else? Share your story in the comments section below.

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