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…Call Someone By Another Name!

Long blonde hair. Dark brown eyes. Fair-skinned girl. Looks really familiar?

Well, you’re pretty sure your friend introduced you two at least once at some bar, but for some reason, you just can’t remember her name (go ahead, blame it on the vodka). And worse, she’s approaching you right at this very moment with a sweet smile on her face. Looks like she remembered you – yay!

Quick, shuffle through your memory files and retrieve that name that goes with that face!

Is it Sarah? Gina? Natalie? Emma? Crap, no, those are the names of my co-workers. Who is this girl?

And then she finally reaches you and says hi followed by your name (take note, with the correct pronunciation – yeah, shame on you for forgetting her name). You panic, and you managed to utter something like…

“Hi Karen! How’s it going?”

Nice try, but…

“Actually, it’s Carrie. We met at the Opium Bar last week when our friend, Amanda, introduced us, remember?”

Of course you remembered… that’s why you called her by the wrong name! But not bad, you almost got it – congratulations!┬áThough, that doesn’t change the fact that after your little mistake, she is staring at you, and you’re staring back with a forced smile.



Looks like somebody needs to practice matching names with faces more (and in a more sober environment too). You don’t wanna end up calling some Zac, James. Or worse, you don’t wanna end up calling that Carrie, Zoey, the next time you meet her.

But that’s life: we learn from shame.

Have you ever called someone by another name? How did that make you feel? Sound off in the comments section.

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