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…Wear Your Shirt Inside Out!

Or frontside back!

Don’t laugh. This really happens! And whether you admit or not, you might have probably experienced this yourself once upon a rushed day. Ha! Gotcha!

Well, fine, congratulations to you if you haven’t had this (fun) experience yet. Your mind’s probably not as messed up as mine. But, mind you, this doesn’t happen to me THAT often, which means you probably won’t catch me in a shirt with its logo hanging out 40% of the time. Boo!

Wait, did I say 40%? Oops! You did not just read that.

Crazy as it sounds, wearing a shirt inside out is pretty much normal when you’re undecided with what you’d like to wear for the day and at the same time, you’re rushing because you’re only 30 minutes away from being late (and you still need to catch the bus five blocks away). You hurriedly grab a nice-looking shirt, wear it, and decide against it. You take it off, wear something else, and then decide that the first shirt looked so much better on you.

Crap, why can’t I make up my mind in one shot?

You grab the first shirt, and without noticing that you haven’t turned it back to its “normal look” (that is not¬†inside out), you just put it over your head, pull it down, grab your keys, and rush towards the door. You’re lucky if you get to notice the fact that you have worn your shirt inside out as you pass by the mirror on your way out – you still have time to do a remedy. But if you did not notice it? Well, good luck!

Don’t expect strangers you meet on the street or on the bus to greet you with their normal straight faces (or smiles) though. Instead, be prepared to be greeted with raising eyebrows and questioning looks that somehow say:

What on earth? Did you just get out of bed and throw that shirt on yourself without checking in the mirror to see if you look decent enough to exit your house? Damnit! WHO ARE YOU?

Ooh, harsh! Well, at least they don’t say their thoughts out loud – whew! You can pretend to ignore them despite the fact that you know how embarrassing it is to be right there at that moment wearing a shirt that’s inside out. Everybody’s staring at you!

Whoops! What a shame!

Well, it’s not as if you can just take off your shirt right there and then and wear it the right way. That’s even more shameful! Someone might even catch you on tape! Yikes!

However, what’s even worse is if you don’t know that you have worn your shirt inside out (which is almost always the case)! Imagine yourself getting out of your house, walking in large strides to the nearest bus stop, climbing the bus while panting, and wondering why everyone’s gaze seems to stop and follow you as you find a spot to stand on as the bus heads towards your destination. Well, I guess you might be too tired to notice all the raised eyebrows back there, and you’re probably feeling all too lucky that you got to where you need to be on time. Yay for you!

Well, not until your friend comes up to you and burst out laughing.

Why are you laughing? What’s so funny? You’re weird!

Is he? Or, are you?

Looks like you’re about to find out.

I’m weird? You’re the one wearing your shirt inside out, and I’m weird? Okay…

Oh! Oops! Just flash a smile and rush to the washroom. You don’t want more of your friends to see how you dressed today. Not that it matters though because I’m pretty sure your friend back there is about to send off a tweet or a Facebook status saying that you wore your shirt inside out today as you change.

But that’s life: we learn from shame.

What will you do if you suddenly realized that you are wearing your shirt inside out while on a subway? How will you hide your unfortunate event? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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