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…Throw Up On Your Boss!

Hey Brittany-not-from-Glee, do we blame that on the alcohol too? Alright, alright, don’t throw up on me now. Have mercy on your computer screens.

Oops! Sorry Rachel... you look disgusting though.

May it be a guys’ night out, girls’ night out, a simple karaoke getaway with your colleagues from office, or whatever celebration there is, the booze is almost always part of the party! Whether you’re burning your throat with shots of vodka or chugging down bottles of beer while dancing and screaming at the club, you know your night is headed to some helluva crazy trip.

Well, good for you if all you’ve got to deal with at 6am is a simple headache. But, not everybody is as lucky. Think young girls who got pregnant after a friend’s party (one night stands) or those who got into accidents because of drunk driving. You know, those good times gone wrong.

But, hey, it’s worse when you wake up to a heavy hangover and totally forgetting everything that happened the night before. You’re up for some trouble, and you don’t know where that came from.

Oh, remember that guy? You threw up on him last night after you drank ten shots of tequila. And oh by the way, he’s also your boss.

Whoops! Embarrassing (and ewww…)!

Wondered what his face looked like when you sputtered all over his face and his new tie. I bet it was priceless! But, your job is also about to get price-less. Literally. Looks like your boss is not too happy with your gifts of spit, phlegm, and digested alcohol with food. Eww… gross! Why did I just say that?

Anyway… looks like you’re not just cleaning the disgusting stains off your shirt; you’re also cleaning up your table in the office cubicle. Ooh… ouch! Not such a fun night after all, huh?

But that’s life: we learn from shame.

Have you ever thrown up on someone because you’re too drunk? Tell me what happened in the comments section below.

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