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…Check Yourself Out in Front of a Car Mirror with Someone Inside!

Come on, let’s admit it – we all like to be vain. It flatters us the most when we see how nice we look in front of a mirror, but we seem to develop a favorite habit of checking ourselves out when we pass by a parked car, especially when it has tinted windows. Am I right, or am I right? Am I seeing some guilty hands raising up over there? Gotcha!

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Guilty as charged here as well.

Not that being vain is wrong (so okay, maybe it is a little wrong) but when someone else, especially a stranger, is witnessing your vainness through a tinted glass and is smiling as if he/she were watching a prank show from the other side, something tells me your appreciation of your beauty is not the most flattering. On the contrary, it’s as embarrassing as if you were checking your teeth in front of that car window. Now, don’t even get me started on that one (seriously, some people do that and it’s absolutely not fun to be on the other end; it’s disgusting, people, so really, stop checking your teeth in front of car windows).

Just imagine you fixing your hair and smiling and posing in front of the car window of a parked and seemingly empty vehicle on your way to your next destination – probably some bar or club or a friend’s party – and you’re feeling oh so pretty or oh so buff. So enthusiastic and happy over your enjoyment of the scenery, I mean, reflection of your beauty, aren’t you? Well, guess what? Somebody else might be enjoying it with you on the other side of that window without you knowing, or they’ll probably let you know how you’ve been acting ridiculously vain by rolling down the window and giving you a (mocking) smile.

“Hey! Looking good! Where are we headed to tonight?” *devious smile*


Looks like the car isn’t empty after all. At least you thought it was.

Yikes! Embarrassing!

And you slowly walk away from the car and off to anywhere but near that car, hoping you never get to see the other person ever again. Well, unless you want to commit social suicide, you might as well pray you never bump into that stranger again for the rest of your life.

But that’s life: we learn from shame.

Have you ever had this experience? If you did, what did you do when you figured someone was inside? And if you haven’t, what will you do? Share your experiences in the comments section. Would love to hear them!

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